Unlock, Pick & Go

FrescoFrigo is an un-manned restaurant which allows your customers to get meals 24/7.

Smart, reliable, plug&play: get it to boost your business!

Effortless and healthy lunch

Open & go

We’ve made it easy to get a wide range of food and drinks; using the app, customers can open the fridge and pick what they like.

Plus, you can reach them with promos & offers!

The user experience is super-smooth:

  1. 1

    Download the FrescoFrigo app

  2. 2

    Unlock the door via the app

  3. 3

    Pick food and drinks

  4. 4

    Close the door and the account will be charged automatically

A mini restaurant offering a variety of meals and desserts

  • Convenient

    Accessible within your building

  • Wide range of products

    A mini restaurant from savoury meals to desserts

  • Easy to use

    Almost as easy as getting food from your fridge at home

  • Versatile

    Open every day of the week, and every hour of the day.
    Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner

A fridge full of food just one tap away

The FrescoFrigo app is very easy to use. You can discover what is available every day from your desk by checking the real-time in-app menu.

In-app menu to see what’s available in real-time in the fridge.

  • Get welcome, referral & promo credits

  • Manage your payments

  • Get reports and user requests

  • Enable a new smart sales channel

FrescoFrigo: food and drinks 24/7

Innovative catering solution

Upgrade offices, retail spaces, restaurants, canteens with an innovative, high-tech solution to offer food and drinks.

Complete software suite for Automated Operations and Advanced Analytics.

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