FrescoFrigo is different

The Technology architecture is based on a Suite of Apps to manage operations, a Dashboard which manages all logics and data and a Fridge equipped with a software to allow remote management.

How to have a delicious meal

How does it work

  1. 1

    Download the app and create an account

  2. 2

    Unlock the door via the app

  3. 3

    Choose your food and drinks

  4. 4

    Close the door and your card will be charged automatically

A fridge full of food just one tap away

The FrescoFrigo app is very easy to use. You can discover what is available every day from your desk by checking the real-time in-app menu.

  • Check the menu

  • Open the fridge

  • Get welcome, referral & promo credits

  • Manage your payments

  • Make reports and requests

More than a coffee break

Any time of the day... FrescoFrigo!



Savory breakfast? Brownies to get your energy back?



Fruit yoghurt! A mid-morning snack.



Quick lunch at the office and off you go!


Fresh fruit

Afternoon break with fresh fruit?



Late meeting? I have a solution on your doorstep.

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